Sandra Bartfai

Sandra has been a practising professional homeopath since 1992, graduating from the Practical School of Homeopathy in London.

In 1993 she co-founded one of the first multi-therapy centres, Skarpsno Klinikken in Oslo. (tverrfaglig samarbeidsform mellom ulike behandlingsmetoder)

From 1996 to 2001 Sandra has written articles in Alternativt Nettverk (VISJON) on natural medicine and homeopathy as well as giving mini-courses on health and alternative medicine for children and women at the Alternativmessen in Oslo.

In 2001 she became the homeopath for the Neo Humanistisk Barnehage in Holmenkollen, treating the children there as well as giving regular mini-courses on natural medicine and homeopathy for both parents and staff.
She teaches them how to prevent illness and maintain good health and how to use remedies in acute situations.

Since 1992 Sandra has given regular courses on subjects relating to childrens' and womens' health and the uses of natural medicines and holistic methods.

In addition she has held lectures on instructing pregnant women and midwives on the uses of homeopathic and natural medicine during pregnancy, childbirth and post-labour as well as neo-natal care.

Sandra has one daughter.